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Supercharge Your Midlife Transformation So That You Can Live the Life You Truly Want

Learn to identify and successfully overcome whatever has you feeling afraid, demotivated, or just plain stuck. This life-changing approach to reprogramming your subconscious will give you the tools and techniques you need to confidently move forward into an exciting and rewarding new phase of life that’s even better than the last! 


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10+ years coaching women to thrive, as they break free from old patterns

Certified Hypnotist

Certified Life Coach

Stress Management Consultant

1000+ Women Guided Through Successful Life Transformations

 BRAINZ 500 Global Award Recipient 2022

Executive Contributor

BRAINZ Magazine



"Mari creates a beautiful container of love and safety. She put me into alignment with my vision and cleared the roadblocks so I have access to my passions."



You Have an Opportunity to Harness Your Experiences and Gifts to Create a Second Half of Life That You Love

As a talented, successful woman who has already achieved so much, you have unlimited potential to continue striving for exactly what it is you want out of life. Perhaps you’ve had a flourishing career, raised a wonderful family, and have been an incredible caretaker of others. 


Now that you’ve entered midlife, chances are that you have new opportunities to reshape your life in a way that continues to align with your passions and leaves you feeling fulfilled.  Perhaps your kids have gone off to college, or you’re approaching a career or relationship transition, and it’s time to find a way to keep working toward your goals.


You want clarity and inspiration to make your second half of life even better than the first. You want to feel excited about what’s to come and be able to embrace your talents to build a more purposeful life …

But, Do You Feel Like Your Life Force is Depleted
and Unsure How to Reignite Your Spark?

You once felt radiant and excited to make your mark on the world. Maybe challenging life events have chipped away at your life force, leaving you feeling drained, anxious, and unsure of how to move forward.


Whether it’s a divorce, the end of a career, a health scare, or simply a nagging feeling that the best of your years have passed by, it can be incredibly difficult to let go of past hurts and insecurities. And as a result, it may feel nearly impossible to get excited about life again.


I'm Mari ...

I’m a women’s midlife transformation expert, hypnotist, and stress management consultant who has spent more than a decade helping women like you break through their limiting beliefs, let go of emotional baggage and regain their confidence so they can build more vibrant purposeful lives. 


After working closely with over 1000 high-achieving women over the last decade, I’ve realized the most effective way to help you reignite your life force and start thriving again - and it’s probably simpler than you might think.


  • Are you feeling insecure about your body, your relationship, or your accomplishments? And second-guessing your worthiness is taking a toll on your emotions...

  • Do you feel like your life force is steadily draining away? And you're so exhausted that you can barely recognize yourself anymore...

  • Are you often frustrated because you feel bored, uninspired, or stagnant? But you're not sure what excites you enough to get you moving...

  • Do you spend too much time dwelling on the past? And it's stopping you from moving forward and building a brighter future...

  • Are you frequently trying to distract yourself from a feeling of stress or dread? And you worry you're relying a bit too much on that glass of wine at the end of the day, or foods that don't fuel you...

  • Are you carrying heavy burdens of disappointment, anger, or resentment? And you're not sure how to move past them to have a more joyful life...

  • Do you lack a sense of purpose or feel like you haven't been able to share your gifts with the world? And you're worried that at the end of your life you'll look back and have regrets about not doing something more meaningful...

If you find yourself saying “yes” to any of the above, or if you’re just ready to take control of your life to start thriving, you’re not alone. It’s time to tackle these challenges head-on and get your mojo back!

Introducing Supercharge Your Midlife Transformation
A Life Changing 8-Week Online Course

This powerful program is designed to help you let go of past hurts and resentments, reconnect with your true desires, and inject you with the confidence and clarity you need to thrive in your career and personal life.  My method works at a deeper level to transform your thought processes and help you realize the incredible potential that lies within you.

A 4-Step Process to Help You Love Life Again


Free Breakthrough Session

We’ll discuss your goals and figure out what may be holding you back from living your best life. We’ll do this by…

Talking about what you'd like to acheive

 Identifying the roadblocks in your way

Determining whether you’re a good fit for the program


Deep Dive Assessment

This is where I really get to know you in detail so that we can create a plan of action tailored to you. This involves…

An in-depth questionnaire

 Thought-provoking questions that help you dig deep

Getting to know your hopes, fears, and wildest dreams


Reignite Your Life Force

We’ll relight that fire inside you that will empower you to share your magic with the world. You’ll do this by…

Incorporating bodywork to feel vibrant

Letting go of heavy emotional burdens that have been weighing you down

(Re)building your confidence in yourself and your abilities


Learn to Love Yourself

I’ll help you reprogram your subconscious to work with you instead of against you. This includes…

Operating from a lens of gratitude

Learning to embrace your body and feel sexy again

 Becoming open to the opportunities around you and finding the courage to try new things

*Watch Mari's webinar here

What Makes My Coaching Style Uniquely Transformational?

I’ve developed a powerful three-pronged strategy that helps you break through old patterns and barriers, and emerge feeling more alive, radiant, and ready to embrace your second half of life.

I do this by focusing on three distinct aspects:

The Conscious Mind

I use the most effective methods to help you evaluate your situation, identify roadblocks, and set achievable goals.

The Unconscious Mind

As a board-certified hypnotherapist, I engage your subconscious mind to reprogram thought patterns that are no longer serving you.

The Body

Any work we do with the mind must be integrated with the body. I work with you to embody changes through movement to create a lasting transformation.

Across 8 Immersive, Online Modules, You’ll Experience Dramatic Change

I know you’re a busy woman with lots of competing responsibilities. That’s why this course is organized into 8 modules to be viewed at your convenience. Each module includes exercises for the rational mind and subconscious mind, as well as movement lessons to help embody the changes you experience.

8 Modules to Help You Go From Surviving to Thriving


You’ll be able to change some old beliefs and reignite the life force in you, as well as control the level.

Let Go

 I’ll help you release heavy emotional burdens that drain you of your life force and joy, so you can feel lighter and freer.

Love Your Body

You’ll reconnect to your body in a new or deeper way and reprogram disempowering beliefs about your body.

You Are Enough

You’ll learn how to deal with your inner critic and you’ll know with certainty that you are enough.

Mindset & Habits

The outlook and habits you need to keep you on track to realize your dream and to ensure you don't slide back into old ways of thinking.

Find Your Magic

I’ll help you tap into the magic of you and become even more wired up to your unique gifts.

Open & Courageous

Become more able to see opportunities and to seize them, and supercharge your confidence so that you can share your gifts at the level you want.

Radiant & Sexy

Reclaim your radiance and sensuality as you learn to fuel your inner flame and get your sexy back.

With powerful, practical strategies and guidance in each module, you’ll have the tools and techniques you need to make your second half of life better than the first!


Ready to get started on transforming your life for the better? Book a call with Mari now to discuss how this course can help you.

*Watch our powerful webinar

This Unique Program Harnesses the Power of Your Subconscious Mind
to Create Powerful, Lasting Change

Did you know that your subconscious mind is 1000x more powerful than the conscious mind? The problem with other strategies that you may have tried, is that they don’t utilize the power of your subconsciousThings like seminars, self-help books, and therapy may help in the short term, but they don’t get you the fast, long-lasting results that engaging your subconscious brain will.

This program will give you access to powerful hypnosis audios that will guide you through processes to connect you to your inner resources and change unwanted patterns that are holding you back from living the life you deserve.

Supercharge YOUR Midlife Transformation
with these Powerful Resources and Support

Here’s what you’ll have access to inside this transformational program:

✔ Free breakthrough session to discuss your specific goals and challenges to living your best life.


✔ Deep dive assessment that allows me to ensure that you get the most out of our time together.


✔ 8x impactful online modules that tackle different challenges and components of your life to create a holistic approach to transforming your life. 


✔ Powerful hypnosis audios that provide strategic repetition to permanently wire changes into your brain, for long-lasting results.


✔ Effective movement lessons in each module that allow you to embody the changes you are creating so that you reignite your body and radiance.


✔ Weekly live calls with Mari that provide extra teachings and exercises, as well as a question and answer period to ensure you’re getting the most out of the program.


✔ Personalized transformational recording created just for you at the end of the course, incorporating your programming and goals, that you can play at any time in order to feel connected to your ideal self.


✔ Online support in case you have questions during the course. We’re with you every step of the way. 


And best of all, the entire course, including the hypnosis audios, are yours forever so that you can come back to them as many times as needed. 

*Watch my free 30-minute webinar now

It’s Time to Say Goodbye to Regret, Self-Judgment, and Fear of Change so You Can Live the Life You Dream Of!

Work with me to tap into the power of your subconscious mind to change your perspective, habits, and physiology. Finally, you’ll be able to:

  • See exciting possibilities for yourself that you never realized existed…


  • Feel the confidence to pursue your passions…


  • Enjoy the relief of accepting a new stage of life…


  • And, gain clarity about how to crush your goals and live with purpose!


When you can let go of the past and focus on your future, you’ll see infinite possibilities for the second half of your life. Stop going through the motions and start living with passion and purpose again!

*High-achieving women, sign-up here

Worried That Hypnosis Sounds too “WooWoo” for You?
Here are Some Answers to Frequently Asked Questions About Hypnosis

What is hypnosis? It’s just a state of focused relaxation. That’s all. It’s the state you’re in when you’re watching TV, relaxing deeply, or driving without thinking. We use that relaxed state to change the habits, beliefs and behaviors of your choice.


Is hypnosis proven to be scientifically effective? Yes, there are more than 2,000 studies on the efficacy of hypnosis on PubMed, the search engine accessing the MEDLINE database of references and abstracts on medical topics. PubMed is maintained by the U.S. National Library of Medicine and the National Institutes of Health. 


Can everyone be hypnotized? Virtually everyone can be hypnotized. Most people are already hypnotized much of the time. It’s just that some of you are walking around in worse, more disempowering trances than others. Some of you are in a trance of “not good enough,” or “I’m past my prime.” Together, we can de-hypnotize you from those trances.

Can you get stuck in hypnosis? No, you can’t get stuck in hypnosis any more than you can get stuck watching a movie. Like with a great movie, you might be enjoying it so much that you don’t want to tear yourself away. But you absolutely cannot get stuck. You open your eyes and change your focus. That’s it.


Do people reveal secrets they don’t want to while they are hypnotized? No. My clients are alert or at rest, and always in charge of their behavior.


Does hypnosis work just as well when you’re listening to a hypnosis audio, or when you’re live, online? Yes, it can be even more effective because you can relax in the comfort of your own environment. I’ve been hypnotizing clients online for 10 years.  

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